besties with babies | two besties growing + going through motherhood

Kristin and Sarah met in 2006 when they were five and six years old, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

In elementary school they played on the bars together during recess, twirling around and around until their blisters tore and they were sent to the nurses office.
Kristin danced ballet; Sarah played violin.
In high school they were inseparable, whether they were completing class projects together, blasting pop music on the way to off campus lunches, or swapping books, they were almost always guaranteed to be together.

Kristin went to college; Sarah went to cosmetology school.
It was at Biola that Kristin met her husband, Jared. They were married July 2015 in her parents back yard.
Sarah met her husband, CJ, skydiving for her 19th birthday and then again a year later. They were married in November 2016 in his parents back yard.

Kristin is now the best mother to one precious little baby boy.
Sarah is pregnant with her first.