7 lessons i learned during my first trimester

7 lessons i learned during my first trimester

Being newly pregnant, especially for the first time, is an exciting and crazy time.  There is so much going on within your body that is completely normal and foreign. Some may feel completely terrible without actually being sick.  It’s an amazing time of transition and learning. These are the top seven lessons I learned during my first trimester.

1. Don’t compare pregnancy to others.  

I had a million stories running through my head of what I thought pregnancy was going to be like for because of how it was for my friends.  One friend exercised what seemed like every day and never threw up, while another lost her baby at eight weeks and had to carry it another four weeks, all while symptoms raged.  Comparing my pregnancy to these and other stories only served to make me miserable. I felt like a failure for sleeping all day and for having to get a prescription of anti-nausea medication.  On top of that I was nervous for my little one’s well being, especially because I couldn’t stomach my prenatals. Do yourself a favor do not compare your pregnancy to previous ones or to your friends.

2. It’s not failing to go to the doctor and get some anti-nausea medicine.

Do your research first, so you know what they’re offering. The first prescription my doctor offered me was zofran and I knew there was no way that I would take it.  Don’t feel like you’re being a pain by asking questions or requesting alternatives. It’s your responsibility to take care of your little one as best you can, the doctor is just there to help, not make decisions for you.

3. And speaking of nausea, it doesn’t go away immediately.

Every time I thought my morning sickness was “over” it would suddenly creep back up.  Sometimes there was no trigger or warning and all of the sudden I found myself throwing up in a planter or a public restroom, sometimes I 100% knew it was from smelling something weird like car exhaust or food. Always be prepared, even when you think it’s finally over. Never leave home without your medicine or remedy of choice.  It also definitely doesn’t hurt to have something disposable on hand to throw up into if necessary. It’s way better to whip out a ziplock bag than to ruin someone’s upholstery. Gross, but true.

4. All of those morning sickness cures are bs.

And if you find something that works, just be aware that it may not continue to work. I found great relief in encapsulated ginger for about a week before it didn’t help at all.  Sniffing lemons, pregnancy pops, B6 and eating frequently did nothing to curb my nausea. Even my prescription seemed to lose effectiveness after about five days. If you find something that works, never leave home without it, and keep trying new things.

5. Take care of yourself and speak up.

I don’t like to break promises, if I say I’m gonna be somewhere or do something I will do everything in my power to follow through. Pregnancy was a very weird experience for me. I’d be in the middle of filming on a warm day and all of the sudden I started feeling like I was gonna pass out. I agreed to babysit (an actual baby! for the first time ever) and was so excited about it, but then I got a cold (it’d been a long time since I’d had one those, thanks pregnancy immunities...) and then I couldn’t stop throwing up and I had to have them call in their backup. It was super sad, but it’s okay. The important thing was that I communicated my needs as soon as possible so they had a babysitter.  If I needed to sit down and take a minute in the middle of filming, even though I didn’t want to interrupt the creative flow, I didn’t want to pass out even more.

6. Pregnancy bodies are so are weird.  

Even before you start to show, your body starts morphing into a new maternal being.  Bra extenders and hair ties were my must haves my first trimester. All of bras became unbearable pretty quickly.  I ended up using a couple I had without an underwire by using bra extenders for my whole first trimester. Hair ties come in handy for two reasons during the first trimester.  First, it’s much easier to be sick if you don’t have to simultaneously hold your hair back. Whip your hair up into a bun at the first sign of nausea and you’ll be grateful. Second, a hair tie is to button-up pants as a bra extender is to a bra.  They easily double the life of your pants, allowing them to gain a couple inches of stretch around your growing belly.

7. Last but not least, my first trimester was a huge reminder that my husband is amazing, even more than I thought.

He literally had to do everything for a couple of months while watching me lose pound after pound into the toilet. He’d go get me crackers or apple sauce or whatever I asked for and didn’t even complain if i didn’t eat it.  Being really sick and completely helpless really teaches you a lot about the people around you, and I learned that my husband is completely selfless on a whole new level than I ever had before.

Okay, enough of that mushy stuff...  My first trimester left me wondering how mothers ever have second children; I can’t imagine trying to parent during it or willingly doing it again.  Though in retrospect, it was only really bad for a couple of months, and there were some good days in there too. What lessons did you learn when you were freshly pregnant?  Or if you’re still in the family planning stage, what is your biggest fear? Let us know in the comments, and if you have questions be sure to Ask a Bestie!