baby bargains book review

baby bargains book review

While I was engaged, I read a book called Bridal Bargains by Alan and Denise Fields. This book was so helpful for me in planning a wedding on a budget in Southern California! There were plenty of ideas and resources that were game changers for me.

So when I saw a book called Baby Bargains (The Complete Book of Baby Bargains by Kimberly Danger) in my local library’s online database, I checked it out immediately! My husband and I are on a budget, which has changed our lifestyle immensely. We already room share to save on rent, cloth diaper, do baby led weaning instead of purchasing store bought baby food, among many many other things. Even though I do many money saving things on a regular basis, I thought that this book might have some good tips and resources, or at least have tips laid out in a way that would be helpful to share with others who ask me how to have a baby when you are on a small budget.

Unfortunately this book left me disappointed. Many of the tips were very outdated, suggesting things like looking online for deals on new baby gear or shopping at garage sales for used baby clothes. Maybe tips like these would be helpful for a mom-to-be who is used to just buying things in store at full price, but they seemed pretty elementary to me.

One tip that stood out to me was to not skimp on the things you will be using daily, like your diaper bag, stroller and/or baby carrier, car seat, etc. Obviously you will need to take a look at your lifestyle and see which things are going to be those every-day essentials for you so you’re not buying full price high end items for everything. If you buy the cheapest option for your diaper bag that you bring everywhere, it’s going to fall apart and you’re going to need to buy a new one which will cost you more in the end. This is something that many people forget and often end up spending more money replacing things over and over instead of buying higher quality up front so their gear will last.

This book even had just weird advice that had nothing to do with saving money. For example it recommended starting a “birthday tablecloth” that you have guests sign each year at your child’s birthday. I’m not sure how this tip fits into a list of bargains, but I can’t say it was the only oddball in the book.

If you’re new to budgeting or lowering your spending I would definitely check this book out. But if you’re a veteran at penny pinching, I would give this book a pass. Either way, if you’re looking for ways to save money while shopping for your baby, stay tuned! Sarah and I are excited to help you out!

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