sarah's gender reveal ultrasound

I just had one of the best days of my life.  One of those days that’s up there with the day I got married.  I just found out the gender of our very first child.

It’s so common to have a gender reveal party nowadays (as I was typing this I got a text from a church friend asking if I was going to have a “GRP”), but I didn’t want one and I definitely didn’t want to wait to know.  I would die if someone knew what I was carrying before I did. I’m so bad at surprises, and I really don’t like gifts or people fussing over me. Although there are so many cute themes and ideas out there, I just didn’t have the energy or desire to bite into blue or pink cupcakes, pop balloons, or crack dyed eggs over my head.  For all of those reasons in addition to the fact that my husband and I saving money for baby (We’re self employed. Maternity leave means that my husband is doing everything by himself, and paternity leave means we are essentially making no money), we decided to go another way.

I was so excited to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  I waited until I was 16 weeks pregnant to determine the gender. I’ve heard of blood tests where you can find out at 9 weeks, and out here they offer gender reveal ultrasounds as early as thirteen weeks, but at 9 weeks, I didn’t feel well enough to have any blood drawn, and as far as a thirteen week ultrasound, have you seen a baby’s head at thirteen weeks?! Alienish.  So the day I got to 16 weeks pregnant, I had my bestie Kristin, her baby, and mom, and two other close friends join me for a gender reveal ultrasound.

I got a really good deal at a boutique.  It was way actually way more affordable than going to the hospital through insurance, and a lot nicer too!  We had a private room. I didn’t have to change into a hospital gown or lay on hard bed on top of crinkly paper.   There was a big monitor on the wall for easier viewing. They even had two couches for our guests to relax on! The room was nice and dark, and I liked that they had everyone facing away from me so that they weren’t staring at me with my rolled down leggings, pulled up shirt, belly out, and covered in goop.  

The technician went over its anatomy, pausing to show me our baby’s profile, little hands, face, and feet.  Everyone got to enjoy it with us, melting over how cute and and tiny it was. At first it was so active. It was mind blowing watching our little tiny baby drink amniotic fluid, move into a more comfortable position, wave, and put its hands over its mouth.  I was barely showing and to think that there’s a miniature human hiding in my bloat is mind blowing.

Eventually little baby fell asleep with its legs crossed and didn’t want to show us the necessary anatomy.  The technician had me cough and roll from side to side to try and get it to move. The ten minute ultrasound I had paid for stretched to over twenty minutes as we wiggled and jiggled it, urging it to cooperate.  In the end though we got the exact image we were trying for and discovered that I was pregnant with a baby boy! Everybody cheered. Pure joy filled the room. I chose a couple of prints to take home with me and we were off to lunch.  

I loved my experience and that I got to share it with those closest to us.  Everyone in that room (including my sister-in-law who FaceTimed in from work across the country) is going to be there for my son as he grows up.  They were the first people I called when we got engaged, they stood beside me on my wedding day, and they were the first ones to know we’d been blessed with a developing baby.  I would have called and texted them as soon as we were finished, so it was extra special to be present with them and spend some time together afterwards.

Before the ultrasound, Kristin kept telling me how real it would feel once we knew the gender, and boy was she right!  Suddenly my whole future came into focus and I found myself daydreaming about watching my husband and son riding around on the tractor in the back yard or bonding over breakfast. It’s so precious, and I’m even more excited to meet him now.

As a bonus I now have this really special video with commentary by my favorite people.  Thanks, Kristin! I’ve watched it over and over and sent it to my in-laws across the country.  It was so special and I get to relive it whenever I want and share it with whoever I want as well.  

P.S. As soon as I got home I went into major nesting mode.  I cleaned and put together his crib. Then I checked and updated my “before baby” list before checking for deals online for things I still needed.  

P.P.S. Is a gender reveal ultrasound something you’ve been considering? Let us know in the comments or by sending us a message through our Ask a Bestie!