what to expect: the first year book review

what to expect: the first year book review

I, along with most pregnant women in America, read What to Expect When You’re Expecting while I was gestating my little one. I do have some thoughts on that book and will write about it another time, but this is about a book by the same authors called What to Expect: The First Year.

This book has a similar premise and layout. The chapters are a month-by-month guide to everything to expect from your baby in their first year of life. For this kind of information, I’m typically an internet research type of girl, but I actually found this book very helpful. In the days leading up to Gideon’s next month birthday, I would read the corresponding chapter to see what new things I should expect to be going on in his development, what problems may arise and how to deal with them, and some fun things I can do to encourage him to hit his milestones.

If you’re a fairly conventional mama, you’ll love the advice this book gives, but as a bit of a crunchy mama, there was some advice that made me shake my head a bit. For example the book encourages starting solids at 4 months rather than 6. Things like baby led weaning and bed sharing are frowned upon, as can be imagined. I simply read this book taking advice that I wanted and then researching more when I didn’t quite agree with the authors.

Because all babies are different and develop at different paces and hit their milestones all a different times, this format of book might work great for you and your baby or it might cause unnecessary stress or concern. For me, Gideon was typically a month ahead of what the book was saying for milestones, but right on track with temperament issues that were discussed. I still found the book helpful reading along as intended.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book for first time moms, or moms whose babies are spaced further apart where they may not remember what to expect of each of the many stages that happen during that first year. I get about 3 or 4 emails every month when Gideon hits his month-day, each of them filled with similar advice, but I still found this book more helpful. It’s a pretty hefty book and each chapter is pretty substantial. Reading ahead a month made me feel prepared for what this crazy baby might throw at me (literally sometimes!) in the next 30 days.

Gideon still has a couple months to go until his first birthday, and I fully intend on finishing this book through to that day, and then passing it along to Sarah when her baby is born the same month!

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