why i sold my stroller and bought a new one

why i sold my stroller and bought a new one

I am a heavy researching type of person, and while I was pregnant I kicked it into high gear. I researched for weeks what items I needed on my registry, and that was all before looking into advantages and disadvantages of different brands, styles, fabrics, colors, sizes of everything and anything. Needless to say I was stressed trying to get everything perfect for my first baby.

Trying to curb this anxiety, there were a few things that I decided to make quick decisions on so I could move on. One of those things was the stroller/car seat travel system.

As Disneyland annual passholders, I’ve seen a lot of strollers. Once I was pregnant I would scope them out, looking at the ones passing by for features that I liked and features that I didn’t. I found one at Target that looked just like one I had seen at the parks and that was that. Done. Car seat and stroller off the list. One less thing to worry about. Or so I thought.

Once Gideon came it was a different story. The car seat was fine (though I found out later the brand I picked douses their gear in the most flame retardant chemicals!) and he would ride in it without much problem. He also was totally fine riding in the stroller with the car seat clicked in. But once he got big enough to want to look around was where we had a problem. He hated the stroller.

I would look around at the other parents pushing their babies, happily sleeping in their strollers or looking around at everything going on, happy as could be. When I would put Gideon in the stroller he would cry and cry and cry until he came out. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love babywearing. I love having my little guy so close to me. But he’s a big boy and there’s a lot of walking at Disneyland, and sometimes a stroller is what you need.

For a while I resigned myself to the fact that maybe he just wasn’t a stroller type of baby and this was just how it was going to be. Then in a last ditch effort, I decided to try out some other strollers. Of course I fell in love with the top of the line, most expensive stroller I could find. Anyone who knows me well knows that I found that stroller in great used condition for under $200 with all of the accessories, even those needed to turn it into a double. And Gideon loves it! He will ride in this stroller, happily eating his snacks, playing with Sophie la Girafe (from his French Auntie of course) and watch the world go by. He still would never turn up his nose at the prospect of being worn, but at least Jared and I can handle an afternoon at Disneyland without having to wear our 20 lb boy the entire time.

Why am I telling you all of this? I want you to know that it’s ok to not make every decision perfect! You don’t know what your baby will like or dislike. There are going to be things you will buy for your baby that you’ll never use, and there will be things you’ll get after the baby comes that you won’t know how you could ever live without. Your life is changing big time and until you’re there, you won’t know exactly what tools you need. And that’s ok! No one expects you to have everything perfect before your baby comes, or ever! It’s ok to buy things now and end up trading them in for a different model later. It’s all part of the process of learning about your baby and about learning to be a parent.

What decisions are you stressed about making? Are there any baby purchases you regret? Let us know in the comments! And if you have any questions always remember to Ask a Bestie!