how to use a solly wrap

If you’ve read my post about Minimalist Baby Essentials then you know I adored using my Solly Baby Wrap when Gideon was a newborn. Especially in the first weeks it was so simple to keep the wrap tied on me and place him in the wrap when we arrived at places like church or the grocery store. He was so snuggled and cozy, and he was nice and close so I always knew he was doing ok.

A Solly wrap is technically called a stretchy wrap in the world of babywearing. A Moby wrap is the same thing (just a different type of fabric) and works the same way as a Solly. I know a lot of moms, especially first time moms, are intimidated by these! Don’t be! Once you learn the basics it is super simple and made newborn life so much easier.

Check out my video about how to put on a Solly wrap! I hope this makes you feel less intimidated about using a stretchy wrap so you can jump into the awesome world of babywearing!

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