sarah's food philosophy

The way Kristin & I do food is a little bit different, and you’ll notice it in the recipes that we share, so I thought it would be beneficial to tell you a little bit about how I think about food and what influences my decisions when I grocery shop and make meals for my family.

I grew up on lots of processed food and fast food.  I don’t remember my mom cooking much at all, but in her defense she taught night school at the local community college.  I basically survived on sugary cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and kraft macaroni and cheese. I didn’t mind it one bit, but I also didn’t realize how bad it was for me.  

I’ve learned a lot about food since then, including how to cook.

I like to keep things really simple and fresh.  I usually go grocery shopping every day or every other day (I’m sure this will change once baby gets here) and just get things that will be used up by the next time I go to the store (except pantry staples like whole wheat flour, sugars, brown rice, dried beans, etc.).  I shop only the outside of the store and try to get things with as few ingredients as possible. Processed foods (including breads, boxed/frozen meals, canned goods, etc.) have no place in my home except on rare occasions.

We don’t diet in my family.  I watched my parents do that my whole life and I’m not into it.  We eat a lot of veggies and a little fruit, not much carbs and some meat.  I guess you could describe me as a “flexitarian” but I’m not into labels. Most of the meat we eat we’ve raised or our neighbors have raised.  Because of the immense time and effort it takes to raise livestock and eviscerate it I’m sure to use every bit of it. For example, a chicken might get spatchcocked and thrown on the BBQ for dinner one night, and the leftovers get stored to make shredded chicken tacos for dinner another night.  Bones and vegetable bits (like the ends of onions and weird garlic bits) are great for making bone broths. The boiled bones will then finally end up in the trash can, and I add the vegetable pieces to the compost or feed them to the chickens.

A normal day of meals looks something like this:


We have our own chickens (currently, three hens and a rooster) so we eat fresh eggs almost daily for breakfast.  I normally fry them with salt and pepper and a dash of hot sauce in a nonstick skillet so there’s no need for butter or oil.  I serve them on a piece of toast with ghee or with hash browns or country potatoes. Usually I have a couple of cups of tea with breakfast and my husband will have a latte.


My husband normally has leftovers from dinner for lunch, and I have a big salad with a little bit of meat on it.  I love arugula and always make my own balsamic vinaigrette. My favorite go-to salad consists of arugula, goat cheese, chicken, kalamata olives, and balsamic.  If we’re out and about for lunch and didn’t think ahead to bring something with us, then we usually hit up Chipotle for a veggie bowl, or Which Wich with for an avocado sandwich.  


I used to never snack before I was pregnant, but now my appetite is voracious.  I love apples and peanut butter for a quick snack, or whatever fruit I’m currently craving.  If I need something a little more substantial I’ll have cheese and crackers, but the likelihood of us having crackers in our house is pretty slim, so it’s usually fruit.


We eat a lot of vegan and vegetarian dinners.  Last night we had a veggie burrito bowl with salsa, guac, and a little bit of cheddar cheese.  My midwife recently suggested I try eating more red meat to get my blood supply up, so I’ve been purchasing organic, grass-fed beef a couple of times a week for dinner.  If we’re eating meat for dinner it’s usually about 4 ounces for each of us, with a generous side of veggies and either rice or potatoes. Tonight it’s steak with green beans and a sweet potato mash, but usually it’s something more like chicken with broccoli and brown rice.  

For beverages we drink mostly filtered water.  I have hot tea most mornings, and my husband has a latte with homemade almond milk (which is super easy to make).  

I don’t remember the last time we had dessert.  If we do it’s usually a fresh fruit pie that we’ll have for breakfast the next morning too.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, even on my birthday a couple of weeks ago I didn’t eat cake or even ice cream, and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  I’d rather have some champagne! My husband will definitely be getting a homemade cake for his birthday though, he loves sweets and will probably finish off the whole thing in one sitting.

How do you do food in your home and how does it differ from the way you were raised?  If you have any questions about recipes or how we do food, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or Ask a Bestie!