why i'm picky about my baby's toys

There are so many toy options out there for babies! Some are colorful, some are black and white, some are loud, some are silent, some move around, some stay put. Whether you have words to explain it or not, all moms have some sort of choosiness about the toys they want for their baby. Maybe you want all of the toys to be organic, or maybe you want them all to be loud and fun, ensuring a smile every time from your little one. Maybe you want them to match your home or maybe you’re happy with whatever toys are given to your family from others.

I personally don’t have any battery operated toys in my house for my baby. This hard-and-fast rule makes it easy to ensure that all of my baby’s toys will inspire creativity and open-ended play. I want him to use his imagination and learn to entertain himself, rather than have his toys entertain him. This is inspired by the idea that active toys make passive babies, and passive toys make active babies. And my little guy sure is active!

I also try to make sure that the toys in our home are made of safe materials that will last a long time. Gideon is our first of hopefully many children, and we want the toys that we bring in to be a good investment in the long run. We especially aim for durable wooden toys that look nice and can take a good beating, or well-made plush toys that can easily be thrown in the washing machine.

We do let him play with noisy entertaining toys at his grandparents’ houses and at friends’ houses, which I think is fine! Entertainment is not a bad thing and I think it’s great for him to have a good time with toys like these on occasion. However since he does most of his playing at home, I wanted him to have plenty of opportunity to explore and learn rather than passively sit and be entertained.

We do allow entertainment for him on occasion; sometimes we will watch Disney NOW with him or some YouTube (on the TV, we do not allow him to touch or play with our phones). We also go to Disneyland pretty often as a family and he goes on fun rides like The Little Mermaid or Winnie the Pooh.

This is all simply my personal opinion for my own children and not something I am trying to impose on you! But I do hope that reading my opinion can help you to think about the way your child plays and how you can encourage them to learn and grow. Are you picky about the toys that enter your home? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget if you have any questions you can always Ask a Bestie!