how to teach your baby about friendship

Friendship is such an important part of life! Friends are so much fun, a great outlet for stress, and accountability. Friends who have the same values as you (like Sarah and I!) are even better! However getting friends and keeping friends doesn’t always come naturally. I’m sure you, like me, have had some not-so-good friends sometime in your life. I want to make sure my children are great friends, so here are a couple of things I’m doing to help Gideon learn the importance of friendship.


Modeling friendship is so important! Gideon sees Sarah and I together all the time. As he grows (and especially when Sarah’s baby is born!) I know he’ll see and notice the importance I place on keeping friends in my life.

Prioritizing His Friends

Gideon is currently 9 months old, so he doesn’t have tons of friends, but I still make sure he spends time with other babies close to his age, especially other babies that he enjoys or that enjoy him! He goes to the church nursery every Sunday and plays with the other kids there. I also try to make a point to be there when other moms meet up so he can hang out with the other babies. He also obviously will be spending lots of time with Sarah’s baby once he is born!


Before we spend time with friends, whether they are my friends or his friends, I take time on the way to talk about our friends and how much fun we will have with them. I want to make sure he knows that spending time with friends is an enjoyable activity and not a dreary obligation.

I know that as Gideon grows I will have more to do to teach him about friendship, such as sharing, sacrifice, and helping friends in need, and I definitely plan to revisit this topic again as he gets older! But for now I think this framework is a great starting place to teach my baby about the importance of friends. What do you do to teach your baby about friends? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget if you have questions to Ask a Bestie!