parenting new year's resolutions

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I’m much more likely to research and make change and start fresh at any given time. I can admit though that the start of a calendar year is a great time to reflect back on the past year, and use that knowledge and experience to prepare yourself for the year ahead. At the start of 2019, my son Gideon is 8 months old. Looking back on the beginning of his life, I have a few things I want to keep in mind heading into this new year.


From just a few weeks old, I made a point to have Gideon play on his own without interaction from others. I wanted to teach him how to be alone and not need me there handing him toys. We definitely do have a lot of fun playing together, and I make sure I get time with him every day to teach him, encourage him toward new milestones, and just grow our relationship together. But going into this year I want to put even more emphasis on fostering independence in him. Right now we are in the thick of “stranger anxiety” which means he cries if I leave the room, even if he’s with his daddy. I know this is a developmental stage and completely normal, but I do not want to let this lead to him becoming more dependent on me. His independent playtimes are been so important and have been when he’s learned to roll over, pull up, and cruise. As he gets older, and as we hopefully add to our family this year, I want him to feel confident and content in playing and learning on his own.


Starting Gideon on solid food has been both mundane and at the same time very important. I know that even now I am laying the groundwork for his food preferences and the way he thinks about nutrition in general. Before he started solids I got into the habit of eating my meals while he was napping so that I wouldn’t have cold food or little hands in my avocado toast. This unfortunately has lead to me not prioritizing feeding my son healthy meals every day. Don’t get me wrong, he does eat (and he eats plenty!) but I still find myself sometimes running to eat after I put him down and then forgetting to feed him lunch until 1 or 2. So in 2019 I want to prioritize modeling a healthy diet for my son.


Family time is so important! I am reminded of this every day when my husband comes home, greeted with squeals and screams from our very excited baby. We definitely keep family time a priority now, but we have some changes coming in 2019 that will mix up our routine. My husband should be starting to work from home in the next couple of months, and when he does we are also planning on moving back to my hometown (and closer to Sarah, yay!). So him working from home we will most definitely be getting more family time in, since now a large chunk of his day is spent commuting. However when we move we will also be much closer to my family. Which will be great! But I know that I need to keep my own family as priority, and not let grandparents or aunts or uncles intrude.

2018 brought so much change in my family (I became a mom!) and 2019 looks like it will have plenty of change as well! What is your New Year's resolution this year? Let us know in the comments! And remember if you have any questions make sure to Ask a Bestie!