sarah's second trimester update

sarah's second trimester update

I just finished my second trimester of my first pregnancy and it was awesome!  It was such a contrast to my first trimester when I was sick and worried a lot.  I had so much energy! I could feel our baby boy move all the time which is so reassuring.  It was super fun when my husband was able to start feeling him move too. The first few times he was in awe: “He’s actually alive in there!” And towards the end of my second trimester he’d tell me how the baby kicked him when we were cuddled up sleeping at night.  It was a great few months. My nausea went away, and I was still small enough that sciatica and sleeping problems were pretty much nonexistent.

Even though my belly stayed small throughout my second trimester, I started showing too. It was so fun to decide if I wanted to look pregnant or if I wanted to wear things that kept my little bun a secret.  Some days it was strange seeing myself in the mirror and figuring out how to dress my curvier shape took a little getting used to. But by the end of the second trimester I had completely reorganized my closet.  It made it way less frustrating in the morning.

I fell in love with bio oil (my husband loves it too) as my bump grew. I rub a bunch in every morning and night or whenever my skin gets itchy.  I’ve yet to develop any stretch marks and plan to continue this regimen throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

I spent a lot of time hardcore nesting and trying to get prepared for the arrival of our baby (just in case I wasn’t feeling well during my third trimester).  I got so many hand-me-downs and read a ton of books. I made lists of items I needed and meticulously checked off each item and task. One of the bigger tasks we ticked off our list was figuring out our birth plan and officially hiring our midwives.  I feel way more prepared to have a newborn after this trimester. It may be because I’m actually more physically prepared with all of the baby things I need or if it’s because I’ve finally read enough to not be terrified. I still have a lot to do and so much to learn, but each day that passes I’m feeling more and more empowered.  

I did have a little bit of acid reflux while figuring out the blood building diet my midwives put me on, but the benefits of having all that extra blood really outweighed the hassle of sleeping propped up on pillows on a couple of different nights.

On days or nights when I felt particularly heavy (or hadn’t felt baby move in a bit) I liked to take a hot bath with all the luxuries: bubbles, salts, petals, or tea, and candles. It’s so relaxing and baby always perks right up.

If pregnancy was all second trimester, I’d be all about it! It’s way less “surviving” than the first trimester and way more “thriving.” Overall the second trimester was great on my body, heart, and mind.