working with your best friend

One of the top tips that people give for those starting a new business is to not work with your friend, especially your best friend. So what are Sarah and I doing?? I think because we have followed these tips, we are set up for success.

You can work with your best friend too, as long as you do it right! It’s important to make sure your friendship doesn’t get in the way of your business, and that your business doesn’t get in the way of your friendship. Here’s some ways to make sure your business and friendship are on the right path.

Work With the Right Friend

I know that I wouldn’t be able to work with just any friend for it to go smoothly. Sarah and I have been best friends since kindergarten and have never had a fight! We both are ambitious and work hard, and we both can take criticism from each other well. We also both have similar tastes and ideas, so we knew that collaborating would be super simple for us! I know that I would not work well with a friend that doesn’t always put in their best work, or with a friend that I know doesn’t finish things she starts.

Make Business Fun

If you’re going into business together, don’t be afraid to make that business reflect both of your personalities! This blog is such a culmination of both me and Sarah, if you know either of us you’ll definitely see it here. We both also have very similar tastes, so things like choosing the layout for our blog or designing Instagram images is super simple because I know if I like it, she will and vice versa. But we still always check with each other and respect each other’s opinion.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Mind

Sometimes your friend isn’t going to perform the way you would like, and that’s just life. Being a mom, I get behind on what I should be doing, and being pregnant and running a business with her husband Sarah gets behind too. We’re both not afraid to pick up the slack for each other, but also to give each other a little reminder nudge when we see each other falling behind. We both know that little nudge isn’t offensive or anything personal!

We’re also not afraid to admit if we don’t know something or understand how something works. That way we are both on the same page and can work things out together! Neither friendship or business are a place for pride.

We’d love to give you advice if you’re thinking about going into business with your best friend! Leave a comment below or shoot us a message at Ask a Bestie and we’d be happy to share some wisdom!