valentine's day as a new mom

Did you just have a baby? Are you just about to? Is your baby walking? In school? No matter what phase of motherhood you’re in I bet you’re thinking about Valentine’s day today, at least a little. Especially if you’re married!

Motherhood can definitely put a damper on the romance though, especially if your kids are too young to get in on some cutesy heart crafts…. and too young to give mommy and daddy some alone time.

If this sounds like you, here’s my list of some ideas and tips you can use today with your honey!

Send Him a Valentine

There are so many ways you could do this! Write a cute little note and drop it in his bag before he leaves for work. Order Door Dash to be delivered to him at lunch time. Text him a sweet video of you and your kiddos during the day. Just remind him that you love him and you’re thinking of him!

Get the Kids In On It

Take some pictures of your baby covered in lipstick kisses. Do some red and pink finger painting with your toddler. Have them write notes to each other or to daddy. No matter how old or capable they are they can still get in on the love!

Valentine’s Night In

After you put your little sweeties to bed, whip out the candles and have a special dinner with your husband! We’ve always made a point to not let Gideon stay up late, in part so that we can have time together each night uninterrupted.

Talk About Your Relationship

Even if you do get this time together regularly, Valentine’s Day is a great time to really evaluate how things are going in your marriage and your family, and to really just let each other know how much you love and appreciate each other!

Even if you’re not in a place in life where you can go out on the town to celebrate the holiday, you can still let your Valentine know you love them today! Do you celebrate this day of love? Let us know your Valentines plans in the comments below!