dating your spouse while pregnant

dating your spouse while pregnant

Dating your spouse is so important to stay connected and close to each other. During times of change it’s even more important to spend quality time together to ensure your relationship is strengthened and you grow together.  Pregnancy is a huge time of transition, not only are we creating a little baby, we’re creating parents too.  Here are some dates my husband and I went on while waiting for our little one to arrive, trimester by trimester.

First Trimester

As soon as my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we planned a little getaway. We love riding our motorcycle together and knew it wouldn’t be possible for quite some time so we made it a priority. We went on a short, but epic camping trip, before my morning sickness got too bad and I’m so glad we did.

After our camping trip there wasn’t much dating going on at all during my first trimester, except to the hospital for prenatal visits. I couldn’t eat anything and I had no energy to get ready or leave the house.

We did however go on one of my favorite dates during my first trimester, when we went shopping together to buy something for the baby “to make it real”.
We ended up choosing a hooded towel.  There was something about choosing a tangible item for our little one that made pregnancy seem much more believable.

Second Trimester

The second trimester we did a bit more. We went for lots of walks in the park and down our creek. We went out to eat (what I order has changed drastically since being pregnant) a few times by ourselves and with other couples.

We also did a lot of dates at home. Sometimes by ourselves and sometimes we’d invite others over to join us. This was great because I had everything I needed at home and could lay down if I started to feel sick again.

Third Trimester

We ate out much less during the third trimester.  I didn’t want to squish myself behind a table, and I was craving so many fruits and veggies that a typical dinner out had way too much meat and carbs for me.

For Valentine’s Day we got a couples massage and had a nice quiet dinner together.  The massage was definitely a splurge for us, but our bodies definitely appreciated it.

We also love drive in movies. They’re super inexpensive, we were able to bring our own snacks, and we can leave whenever we want to. We plan on continuing our drive-in dates with our newborn too. He can cry without disturbing anyone, we have complete control over volume, and I can breastfeed privately.

A lot of our dates have been similar to dates we did before I was pregnant, except no sushi or extreme sports obviously.  I’ve had to be a little more outspoken about what I need (to sit down and take a breath or get away from that smell ASAP), but things haven’t changed too much except for we spend a lot more time talking about our baby and our future now. What are some of your favorite pregnancy friendly date activities? Let us know in the comments and if you have any questions, be sure to Ask a Bestie!