how i cloth diaper

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I cloth diaper my baby Gideon. To me it’s just a simple part of everyday life with a baby, but I know to those considering cloth diapering, it can be so intimidating! There is tons of information out there on the web about how you should cloth diaper, how to do it for cheap, how to do it the cutest way, how to wash your diapers, how to organize them, what you should use and what you should never use, etc etc etc.

It can be so confusing! I know before Gideon was born and I was researching cloth diapering, it took me a long time and a lot of reading to figure everything out and decide what I wanted to do and how I wanted to invest. So to help out all you overwhelmed mamas, I’m starting a series here on Besties with Babies all about cloth diapering! I’ll have new posts every Thursday all about cloth diapering, so keep an eye out (and make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates! To kick things off, I’m going to share with you how I cloth diaper my baby. Don’t worry, in later posts I’ll explain things like pros and cons of different types of diapers, how I do cloth overnight, how I travel with cloth, my wash routine, newborn cloth diapering, and whatever else you are interested in!

My Stash

I have a very simple stash of prefolds, covers, and cloth wipes. One of the main reasons we cloth diaper is to save money, so we kept things very simple and affordable since we couldn’t spend hundreds of dollars all at once to get us started.


We use Osocozy size 1 prefolds. We have 48, but you really only need 24! We have never ever used even half of them before we need to do laundry; we only have so many because we got them all for free from Amazon’s Baby Bucks deal through their Baby Registry.

These are the only ones we’ve ever used, rather than investing in different sizes (other than newborn, but that’s a different post for another time). While Gideon was small and exclusively breastfed, we pinned them onto him with Snappis to help keep the poop from escaping. We used the “newspaper fold,” basically just laying him down on the diaper with the seam just above his bottom. Pull in the edges and bring the top up through his legs. The back corners come around his hips and are held down to the front with the snappi.

Now that he is eating solids, not to mention too big to have those prefolds wrapped around him, we just fold the diaper into third and lay it into the cover. This is also super helpful now since he is SO WIGGLY and cannot hold still for a diaper change. I keep all the clean covers filled with a prefold and ready to go for the day, so I can throw a couple in my bag and head out the door, or even just do a super quick diaper change before naptime without having to prep anything.


We have 10 covers, but you could definitely get away with 6-8. We went with all gray covers so that we never have to worry about them matching with outfits or patterns showing through onesies. I’m also not a big pattern person and like to keep things simple. I also knew this way there would be no problem using these diapers for a daughter if we have one someday. Our favorite covers are Elf Diaper brand because we really like the stretchy tabs and the way the snaps are laid out. We also have a couple of Alva Baby covers but we don’t really like the hip snaps on them or the double gussets (if you don’t know what these are, look out for my Cloth Diapering Glossary post coming soon!), but I know some people adore them!


I made our cloth wipes while I was pregnant, and it was super easy! I will definitely make a post detailing how to do it in the future, but basically I bought a couple yards of cotton flannel (on sale of course), cut it into 8” x 8” squares, and sewed the edges to keep them from fraying.

I don’t use any spray or cloth wipe solution, because as you know, I like to keep things super simple and easy. Instead I have this Skip Hop Wipes Case that I use at home and for on the go! I accordion fold a handful of wipes, wet them in the sink, wring them out and stick them in the case. It doesn’t hold enough wipes for them to get stinky or mildewy, but it definitely holds enough to last for a whole day, even a busy day out at Disneyland with an EBF baby that has runny poop at every diaper change!

So that is the basics of how I cloth diaper my baby! It’s super simple and no fuss. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about cloth diapering, feel free to leave a comment below! If you have a question that you think warrants a whole post, please Ask a Bestie! I’m sure if you have a question, someone else has the same one as well so let’s all help each other out!