​8 things to do as soon as you find out you’re pregnant

​8 things to do as soon as you find out you’re pregnant

After a long two week wait, you finally get two little pink lines, you’re so excited, but what should you do first?

1.  Tell someone!  But first, decide who you want to tell. Choose people who will support your journey no matter what happens. The pee on our test hadn’t even dried by the time I told Kristin I was expecting (though she was already expecting the news) and my husband told his best man within minutes too. It’s great to have support in the beginning. Someone who will listen to your fears, celebrate with you, and hold your hair back if needed. We waited to tell everyone else for almost four months, but do what’s right for you.

2.  Get some plain snacks to keep where you frequently hang out. I made the mistake of stocking up on all my favorites (Annie’s cheddar bunnies anyone??) and when the nausea hit they ended up in the trash. I still can’t eat anything cheesy or spicy (my two previous meal staples) without throwing up because baby doesn’t like them.

3.  Schedule an appointment with your midwife or obgyn. A lot of times they’ll want to do an internal ultrasound to make sure baby is in the right spot, and you’ll get to hear your baby’s heartbeat which is super special. Read about all your prenatal screening options so you can decide what you want to do and what procedures you want to skip. Some tests you have to take early on in your pregnancy, so don’t wait too long to get informed.

4.  Plan a little getaway. Whether this is your first child or not your life is about to change drastically! Take a little time to celebrate the family and lifestyle you currently have.

5.  Read! There’s so much info out there. I did so much reading during my pregnancy and it helped me every stage of the way. Read about what your baby is like right now, read about what your body is doing, read about what you’re gonna need to take care of your little one, and read about birth etc.

6.  Make a list of things you’ll need and start searching for deals. You’ve got eight months to search Facebook marketplace and wait for the things you want to go on sale. I also prefer spreading the costs of baby things out instead of rushing to get everything together at the last minute. We’re minimalists, so we didn’t get too many things, but costs do add up quickly and it’s always so fun to score a deal.

7.  Start exercising if you’re not already. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, a leisurely walk or some gentle yoga will do wonders for your mindset. Chances are if morning sickness hits it will be a struggle, so get in some steps while you can.

8.  Download a baby tracking app or sign up for a weekly newsletter. I love the glow baby app, it has a huge list of things to track easily.  And I really enjoy the alpha mom newsletter I get in my email inbox every week.

Most importantly have fun!  This is such an exciting time in life.  Savor every moment, and if you have any questions, Ask a Bestie!