how i decided on a home birth

A little over a year ago my neighbor had a home birth and it really inspired me to want to do the same. I’ve heard so many stories about women going into labor, traveling to the hospital, and then getting turned away because they hadn’t progressed far enough to be admitted. Or they were admitted and than labor stalled and the doctor wanted to induce.  I’m also very aware that hospitals have a ton of normal procedures they go through, and some of them put stress on new families (shuffling from room to room, visiting hours, unfriendly accommodations for dad, having the baby sleep separately from new parents, harsh lighting, etc.)

That’s mainly how I decided a home birth is for me. The thought of giving birth and crawling into my own bed sounds heavenly. I’m actually looking forward to laboring at home in whatever position I want, having intimate moments with my husband, and walking in the privacy of our creek to get things going and opening.

Instead of spending my first child’s birth day in the car, I want the whole experience to be calm and empowering and full of good vibes and familiar faces.

I like that at my home birth I will have full control over who will be there.  I don’t have to worry about strangers peaking into my room, and will have full control of who will be in my house and who will be attending me at birth.  We interviewed a bunch of highly qualified midwives that offered home births and ended up hiring a group of four based almost primarily on their good vibes. Birth is such an intimate thing, I really wanted people around me that I feel comfortable with.

I’m looking forward to not having an IV and being able to move freely. I plan on drinking tons of water (and a glass of champagne) and eating (if I feel like it) to keep my energy up. We have the option to do a water birth, which will most likely be how my baby is brought into this world, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he slipped out while I’m doing some cat/cow stretches or leaning against our vanity.

I’ve been really careful about creating positive mantras and feelings about birth. I truly believe that the female body is powerful and capable. I’m determined to give birth gracefully, surrounded by positivity. I fully trust in my midwives ability to determine if I need additional help and recommend it to me if necessary, but I also know that they’re equipped to deal with a myriad of circumstances should they arrive, which they probably won’t.

I’ve had a couple of real contractions (and a quite a few episodes of Braxton Hicks) since starting my third trimester, and I’ve realized that attitude is everything. At first I was like “ow, what is this??” And when I realized what it was I immediately changed my mindset to one of gratitude. These practice contractions are going to prepare me for the real thing. I’m not going to go into labor for the first time not knowing what to expect.

After my little one arrives, we plan on doing delayed cord clamping. I want to do skin-to-skin immediately and have a chance to breastfeed before I even deliver the placenta. If I’m not holding him I want my husband to be doing skin-to-skin. I want to make his transition into the world as easy as possible. I want to respect that everything is new to him. The feel of air on his skin, light, movement all of it, so I’d like to ease him in as much as possible.

One of the great parts about home birth is that my follow-up care will also be at home instead of me having to travel to the hospital with an infant. I’m really excited about this as I’m sure I’m not gonna want to be driving around often when I’m healing.

I know there’s a certain amount of self righteousness surrounding unmedicated births and home births especially, but this is not the case for me. I hate medicine and almost never take it, an epidural or intravenous drip sounds way scarier to me than riding through a couple days worth of contractions. I’m actually way more scared of going to the hospital than I am of birthing our little one at home. I’ve never stayed overnight in the hospital and never want to. I also hate the thought of being surrounded by strangers constantly. This freaks me out way more than the minute possibility of something happening during birth (my midwives are awesome and equipped to handle a bunch of situations without freaking us out). I’m so grateful my husband is supporting my decision to birth at home. Since me and my husband made the baby together, I’d like us to be the ones who bring him into the world together. I think birth is going to be a time of teamwork. As much as we can do together and by ourselves I’d like to do.  My little one’s birthday is going to be a miraculous day and I’m so glad we’ll be home for it.

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