cloth diapering on the go

Welcome back to my series on cloth diapering! If you’ve missed my previous posts, head over here to see them all.

Today is all about taking your cloth diapers on the go. A lot of people use cloth only at home and use disposable diapers when they head out of the house, and that’s totally fine! You do whatever works for you and your family. But! I’m here to tell you that it’s actually super easy to take cloth out of the house with you!

We cloth diaper EVERYWHERE. Even on vacations (post coming on that soon). Even at Disneyland! For us it’s easier to just keep using the same thing. Our cloth is reliable and leak proof. We don’t want to deal with blowouts and leaks, which can happen a lot with disposables. We especially don’t want to deal with that when we’re out!

Just as you would with disposable diapers, figure out about how long you are going to be out of the house, and pack enough diapers accordingly. I typically pack a diaper for every 2 hours we’ll be out. If you use pocket diapers or AIOs, this can make your diaper bag pretty full, especially if you’re going out for the whole day. Since we use prefolds and covers, I bring about 3 covers (sometimes including the one he’s wearing, depending on if he’s already pooped by the time we’re leaving) and then enough prefolds for how long we’ll be gone. This saves a lot of space in the diaper bag!

You’ll also need a travel wet bag. I have this Alva one and I love it. If you’re out of the house a lot, you might want to invest in a couple so they can be thrown in the pail if they get too stinky or poop in them. After a diaper change, diapers and wipes go right into this bag. When you get home, you can dump them straight into the pail. Yes you’ll be carrying around dirty diapers, but this bag keeps the stink away! Your bag won’t be gaining any weight, it just won’t be getting any lighter as diapers get used.

My wipes are always ready to be taken on the go. I do this partly so that I don’t have too many wet wipes sitting around to prevent mold. I also do it so that I can get out of the house quicker! I use this Skip Hop wipes case and have wet cloth wipes inside. I have a post about cloth wipes coming soon if you’re interested in more specifics!

Because Gideon is eating solids, his poops need to be flushed before being thrown in the diaper pail. When I’m out, I’ll typically just close up the poopy diaper inside the cover and put that into the wet bag. Then I can deal with the poop when we get home, and it won’t get on anything else. When I’m at Disneyland though, I will rinse the poop off. In the Baby Care Center they have a little toilet like thing in the diaper changing room specifically for rinsing cloth diapers! If you do rinse the poop off while you’re out, be sure you squeeze out as much water as you can, or else everything in your diaper bag might get a little damp.

That’s really it! Using cloth on the go is pretty much the same as using it at home, dirty diapers just have a temporary holding place until you get home. Don’t be intimidated! Have you ever used your cloth diapers out of the house? Let me know how it went in the comments below! If you have any questions about cloth diapers, be sure to Ask a Bestie!