morning sickness with another baby

Welcome back to another post about baby #2! Pregnancy the second time around can be a lot different, but even just your circumstances can make things much different!

When I was pregnant with Gideon, I was working part time. This meant I had plenty of time to worry about all of my pregnancy symptoms, lay around and rest, and just generally take care of myself. Yes, I had work, but I also had sick hours I could use. I also was able to clock out when my time at work was done and focus on myself and my growing baby.

This time around is a whole other story! Now I am a stay at home mom with a one year old son. Thankfully my morning sickness was easier to deal with this time, but it was a lot different having a young toddler to take care of in the meantime!

Along the way I figured out some things to make it easier to get through morning sickness with my second pregnancy. Here are some tips that hopefully help you out!

Prepare meals when you’re feeling good

A lot of women aren’t necessarily nauseous all day long at the beginning of their pregnancy. Whenever you can stand the sight of food, get some prepped! Especially meals that your husband won’t be home for. If I was nauseous at lunch time it was so helpful to have something ready to feed Gideon that I didn’t have to think about. Picking foods that aren’t messy to feed your kid are especially helpful! It can be especially nauseating to watch your toddler smack on mushy bananas if you already feel queasy.

Encourage independent play

I am so glad that I prioritized this with Gideon long before I was pregnant! Having a child that knows how to play independently means that you can rest while keeping an eye on them, instead of having to constantly be playing with them or entertaining them whenever they’re awake. If you’re child isn’t great at independent play, I’ll have a post coming up on this in a few weeks!

Don’t be afraid of screen time!

My one year old is too young to play on an ipad or phone, and I don’t know that I would let him this young anyway. But he is mesmerized by the TV! The first trimester isn’t long in the grand scheme of things, and to me it is simply a time of surviving. Gideon definitely watched more TV than he would normally, but you know what? He’s fine! And we made it through the first trimester, and now we’re back to normal.

Do you have more than one kid? How did you make it through the first trimester with other kids to take care of? Let us know in the comments! And remember if you have any questions to Ask a Bestie!