my second first trimester

In case you missed the Instagram announcement… I’m pregnant again! I’m officially out of the first trimester now and onto the smooth sailing second. Going through pregnancy again, not to mention with a budding toddler to chase, has been interesting to say the least.

Every pregnancy is different, even in the same mother! I didn’t know how true this was until this second pregnancy began. So for anyone wondering how different (or how similar!) pregnancies can be, I’ll detail that below! You can also check out Sarah’s post about her first trimester to see a very different pregnancy experience.

Morning Sickness

During my first pregnancy, my morning sickness wasn’t too bad (or I should say, not as bad as it could have been). I was nauseous pretty much all through the day, but I never actually threw up. The nausea and dizziness made it so that in the first few weeks, I either called in sick to work often, or left early, typically because the smell of the old books would really trigger my nausea (I was working at a library at the time).

This pregnancy, my nausea has been much more bearable! Typically I am only nauseous in the evening, and not every evening. I typically had only 2-3 “sick” days per week, with the rest of the days feeling relatively normal and able to take care of business as usual. I did throw up, but thankfully it was less than a handful of times, and I’m not even convinced it was pregnancy related. Thankfully Gideon is very good at playing on his own, so my “sick” days have mostly been easy to manage on my own.

Energy Level

I wanted to sleep through the entire first trimester of my first pregnancy! I would come home from work and sleep. I would come home from the grocery store and sleep. I would even want to take a nap just after breakfast! This was another reason work was difficult during the beginning of this pregnancy.

I’ve been much less sleepy this pregnancy. I’m definitely more energetic this time around, even taking my almost toddler to Disneyland a couple of times! My energy levels are definitely lower on my “sick” days, but I don’t think even on those days I’m as tired as I was last time. I think not having to go to work this pregnancy has helped a lot, so I can just do what I can with the energy I have that day.


As most first time moms do, I had my fair share of worry at the beginning of my first first trimester. I was very careful to not eat anything I wasn’t supposed to eat or do anything I wasn’t supposed to do. Until I was able to see little Gideon’s heart beating on his first ultrasound, I was so worried about him!

The second time around has been much different! Remembering my nausea last time, I told myself from the very beginning of this pregnancy that if I want to eat something, unless Gideon is allergic (I was still breastfeeding him through the first trimester!) or it would be very harmful, I am going to eat it! Keeping my stomach from getting empty has helped me keep my nausea more manageable this time, which means I wasn’t so strict on all the rules of what you can or can’t eat this time around. Though I am firming up on them now that the nausea has passed! While seeing this precious babe on the ultrasound was definitely relieving and amazing, I wasn’t worried before seeing them on that monitor.


My first pregnancy was amazing for my skin. I had zero breakouts through the entire pregnancy, and I’ve been battling acne since high school! I really had that pregnancy glow, and even stuck around a bit after giving birth!

This time has been a whole different story! Practically from the minute I got that positive test, I started breaking out like a teenager! Battling this while only using products that are safe to use during pregnancy has been so tough!


As with most first time moms, I had no belly to show during my entire first trimester. I started showing a little bit at 16 weeks, and had a somewhat noticeable bump at our 20 week gender reveal.

When they say you show faster after your first, they’re not kidding! I still have some diastasis recti from my first pregnancy, not to mention some extra skin laying around, so it was easy for this baby to make their appearance! I started popping around 12 weeks, and now at 15 weeks it’s definitely noticeable!

It’s amazing how different pregnancies can be! I have to say though I am so thankful that I have done this before and that I can relax a little more and enjoy the process. The weeks have definitely been flying by since I found out! Having my time occupied with Gideon has made me less fixated on this pregnancy, but I have been taking it as my first lesson in balancing two kiddos.

Have you been pregnant before? How did your first trimester go? Let us know in the comments how you made it through! And if you have any questions be sure to Ask a Bestie!