cloth diapering while traveling

Yes, you can bring cloth diapers with you while on vacation! 

Granted, you may not always want to, sometimes the break from laundry is the best part of the vacation after all. Other times you might not have access to a washer and dryer, or it might be an inconvenient distance away, like at a laundromat or the basement of your hotel.

I’ve travelled with both cloth and disposable, and both have their pros and cons. When I’ve been staying with family or at an AirBnb, there is usually a washer and dryer easily accessible. In these cases we usually are at the house for a decent amount of time during the trip anyway (if anything at least by the time baby goes down at night!). 

If it’s more convenient or you just prefer to use disposables while on your trip, by all means do it! Please don’t let this post make you feel guilty for using disposables for the few days you are out of town. Do whatever works best for you and your family!

However, if you are determined to bring your cloth on vacation, need to save a bit of money because that trip was a little more costly than you thought, or your little one can’t tolerate disposables, here are some tips on bringing your cloth with you while traveling.

Locate Your Machines and Check Out the Settings

Whether you’re at a relatives house, an AirBnb, a hotel, or a campground, find out where your washer and dryer are. Find out if you’ll need change to use them, and check how much you’ll need so you’re prepared when diaper laundry time comes. Look at the settings on the washer and come up with a game plan. You’ll want to try to use the settings that are most similar to what you do at home. A great rule of thumb is to do the shortest cycle on cold, followed by the longest cycle on hot. If you can’t figure it out, see if you can ask someone. If you’re only going to be washing once or twice, it’s not too big of a deal if you don’t get the settings just right.

Bring Your Detergent

Either bring the whole bottle of detergent you normally use for diapers, or fill a mason jar or other container to bring along. You don’t want to get stuck having to use whatever is on hand there, it might not be safe or effective for your diapers! You could also plan on stopping by Target when you get to your location to pick up the detergent, which is a great option when flying.


Diaper laundry doesn’t have to take up your whole vacation! Run your loads while baby is sleeping or napping, or whenever you’re having downtime at the place you’re staying. If you have or brought enough diapers, try to spread out your washing to every 2 or 3 days. This could even mean you don’t have to do laundry while you’re gone and it can wait until you get home! 

Have you ever brought your cloth diapers on a trip? Are you planning to? If you have any other tips or tricks let us know in the comments! And don’t forget if you have any questions feel free to Ask A Bestie!