cloth wipes

Cloth wipes seem to be intimidating to a lot of new cloth diapering mamas. Even my husband wasn’t sure if we should do it before we started! But to me cloth wipes and cloth diapering go hand in hand beautifully. In fact I don’t think I would like cloth diapering very much if we didn’t use cloth wipes!

In my opinion, your wipes should match your diapers. Whenever we use disposable diapers, we use disposable wipes. That way everything can be rolled up and thrown in the trash. When we use cloth diapers we use cloth wipes so everything can go into the pail together. If we had to separate disposable wipes into the trash first I think that would be more work that necessary.

So to try to help those who are overwhelmed, here is a quick run down on how to use cloth wipes!

Which Wipes to Use

There are a few different options you can choose from when it comes to cloth wipes. Some mamas use those cheap thin baby washcloths and love the grip they give. You can also purchase cloth wipes in different materials such as terry cloth, flannel, or Birdseye. Another option is to make your own!

I’ve personally used purchased flannel wipes, and I’ve made my own two different ways. I will have a post up soon on making your own cloth wipes for those interested in DIYing.

How to Store/Use Your Wipes

Dry Storage

One way to keep your wipes is to just throw them dry into a basket or bin straight from the dryer. No prep work is needed.

When you need to use a wipe, grab a dry one. You’ll keep a spray bottle of solution nearby to either spray your baby’s bottom (like a baby bidet!) before wiping, or spray the wipe to moisten before use.

Lots of mamas swear by this method, but I didn’t like the extra time it added to changes. I would much rather put the prep work in beforehand to make changes faster, as well as make it easier for my husband, mom, or dad who change my baby’s diaper frequently as well.

Wet Storage

This method keeps wipes at the ready for you! Simply wet a handful of wipes with your solution of choice and store them in something airtight until changing time!

You want to make sure to not keep too many wet on hand otherwise the can get mildewy smelling and gross. I have this [link] travel wipes case that I use all the time (at home and on the go, I just grab it off the changing table and throw it into the diaper bag before I leave). It fits about enough wipes for a day or so and no more, so I don’t have to worry about wipes getting weird. Some people store theirs in a baggy when they go out or a small wet bag, while keeping them in a wipes warmer or larger disposable wipes dispenser while at home.


Not all cloth wipes mamas fold their wipes. I know a lot (especially those that do the dry storage method) think it’s a silly waste of time. But I love it! It makes my wipes super easy and convenient to grab. Plus I like things to be neat and tidy, so a pile of unfolded crinkled up wipes would drive me nuts!

I fold my wipes so that they pop up like disposable wipes do out of the container. We’ll have a video out soon on how to do it!


The solution is basically just what keeps your wipes moist and ready to wipe. I just use water, simple, quick, and easy! Other moms add in coconut oil, baby soap, or essential oils. You can also purchase wipe bits or other wipes solutions from Amazon or cloth diaper retailers. These are great for keeping baby super clean and smelling great! But they aren’t really necessary and if you don’t want to spend the time or money on them that’s fine!

Hopefully these tips remove some of the stigma for you about using cloth wipes! If you’re already taking the plunge into cloth diapers, take the extra (tiny) leap and add cloth wipes to your new routine. You’ll be glad you did!

Do you use cloth wipes or know someone who does? Have you tried cloth? Did you like it, or why did you stop? Let us know your tips in the comments below! If you have any questions feel free to Ask a Bestie!