sarah's favorite breastfeeding outfits

I love clothes.  I’ve spent a lot of time curating my minimalist, mostly grayscale wardrobe.  It took me a long time to figure out what I like and what feels best on me regardless of trends.  Now that I’m breastfeeding my little one, and will be probably for the next year (or more if we have another babe) it’s important to me that my clothes are functional as well as fashionable.  Here’s a list of my breastfeeding friendly clothing must haves.  

- Camisoles

Now that I’m breastfeeding I wear a camisole almost every single day.  I had a couple black camis before, but after nursing for a couple weeks I found myself wanting more.  They’re great, lightweight, and easy to pull down to feed your baby. I much prefer the pulldown method at home because it’s so convenient.  

- Camisole + T-shirt

This is my favorite combo for publicly feeding my little one.  I wear the camisole as an undershirt and pull the t-shirt up and the camisole down when feeding little Clark.  It barely shows any skin. The first time I did this, I was having tea with my neighbor in an upscale shop and I don’t think anybody even noticed, it just looked like I was cradling a sleeping baby in my arms as we spread clotted cream on our scones.  

- Dedicated Nursing Tops

Truthfully, I don’t like most styles of nursing tops.  Most have a ton of fabric which is warm in summer, or they’re just plain weird styles or obnoxious colors, however they are super convenient and modest.  I do recommend getting a couple of dedicated tops, but I personally wouldn’t buy more than two or three.

- Long dusters/sweaters

I’m obsessed with sweaters right now.  The obsession started when I was pregnant.  Adding an extra flowy layer helped hide enough of my new curves that I felt comfortable in my rapidly changing body.  After pregnancy your body is changing just as fast, so this article of clothing is super flattering. Sweaters are also great if you’re pulling your shirt up to feed your baby, that way at least your back is still covered.  I also love being able to shield my babe from the sun with the length, I can do an emergency clean up of spit up with it and stuff it in the diaper bag or toss it in the wash, if necessary. Just make sure you remove your sweater before baby wearing because there’s nothing worse than your babe being all snug and content and you having to sweat through it or wake your babe to take your trapped outer layer off.  You can always put your sweater back on over your baby wearing device for extra warmth and coverage. 

- Jumpers

I don’t even know how jumpers got so popular right now.  I never would’ve even attempted one if it weren’t for doing a product shoot with Wildbird.  I ended up having to feed my babe after changing and before snapping photos, and it was so convenient.  I stayed mostly covered, and my baby had easy access to what he needed.  

Other things I look for when shopping for clothes now are scoop and deep v neck tops.  I’ve also found that darker colors and patterns hide accidents better, which is great if you’re on the go.  If you liked this post and want more ideas, Kristin also wrote a great post about what to wear while nursing.  Her style is completely different than mine and it’s always great to get another mom’s opinion. I’m always on the lookout for other great outfit ideas, so send us pictures of your favorite nursing outfits or Ask A Bestie if you need any baby advice.