Sarah Quick

minimalist skincare

Sarah Quick

There’s nothing that I love more than a good perusing through Target’s skincare and beauty aisles.  I’ve spent so much money on beauty products it’s embarrassing. I found myself in a constant cycle of buying products, overcrowding my drawers and cabinet space, throwing out a bunch of stuff, and then starting the collection all over again.  

How ridiculous and expensive!!  

That kind of behavior really didn’t line up with my goals, so I decided to get really conscious about my habits and design a lifestyle that I could really be proud of and enjoy.  

Minimalism was at the forefront of my mind.  What do I really need to look and feel my best and for my skin to be really happy? What do I find luxurious? What will make me feel spoiled and pampered? What makes me feel so fancy that I’m not tempted to spend money on an alternative?

I really wanted to stick with healthy, natural options that speak to me on a deeper level.  I love the smell of roses, so I decided that would be my theme to help me narrow down my options.

Here’s what I came up with!

Cleanser - Rose Kombucha Cleanser

Pacifica makes this luxurious cleanser. I store it in a little silicone travel bottle so it’s easy access and visually pleasing.  

Toner - Witch Hazel and Rose Essential Oil

I love (Dr. Bronner’s) rose witch hazel.  When I’m feeling bougie I’ll get this one and transfer it to a little micro-mist spray bottle.  If I’m really focused on spending then I’ll just get store brand and add a dropper full of rose hip oil to the micro-mist bottle when I’m filling it.

Moisturizer - Coconut Oil with Rose Essential Oil

My skin loves this combo, and I love how “crunchy” it is. I keep this in a little silicone travel bottle identical to the one I keep my cleanser in.  After I cleanse and tone, I moisturize with this combo, careful to be super gentle with my skin. If there any left over I rub it in to my neck, fingernail beds, cuticles, and elbows.  So simple and fancy.  

Mask - Honey

I read somewhere that Cleopatra used honey as a mask.  If it’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for me.  When I really want to feel extra special, I dip a silicone brush into my little mason jar of honey and paint it on my face as a face mask.  Relax and leave it on as possible and then wash off. Voila! We’re basically royalty now.  

I’m loving my new skincare routine so much that I’m not even tempted by the skincare aisles anymore.  The best part is, my skin loves it too! Now makeup is another thing, but I’m working on it! What is your skincare routine like? Do you have a great alternative cleanser you’d like to recommend? Answer my questions in the comments! And if you have any questions for us, be sure to Ask a Bestie!