by sarah, parentingSarah Quick

minimalist packing list for mom and baby

by sarah, parentingSarah Quick
minimalist packing list for mom and baby

My family recently had the amazing opportunity to take a ten day vacation with our nearly four month old baby.  We flew to Virginia to celebrate his Papa’s 80th birthday. My husband and I have been out there a bunch of times together, we were married there, but this was our first time with a baby.

Of course I researched like crazy weeks before the trip.  How would he get from the airport to his grandparents house? Where would he sleep? How would we survive the flight, the airport, and TSA? What do you take on a trip that long? How do you fit it all in one checked bag and a carry on? Should we use cloth or disposable diapers? How many diapers should I bring? What will I wash them with? Or how will I buy disposables once we get there?

I wanted to be as minimalist as possible, so here’s what I ended up taking on a 10 day vacation with my four month old and my husband:

Travel Outfits


Light Grey Sweater

Black cami




Footie pajamas


Extra diaper liner

Amber Anklet

Diaper Bag


6 Breast pads


6 cloth diapers

Wipes case with 10 wipes

Two extra diaper covers

One diaper liners

Changing pad

Small wet bag

Elephant Activity Toy

Extra snappy

Brown Wildbird

Burp Cloth

Outfit change

Teething tabs

Pacifier and Cord

Diaper cream stick

Star swaddle



Black Jeans




2 Nursing Bras

Nursing Tops



Cuticle nippers

Nail file


Skin care


Hair ties

Bobby pins



Packed his own things.


10 more cloth diapers

10 more Cloth wipes

Mason bottle nipple

5 Rompers

Outfit for Papa’s party

Large Wet bag

Zippered Footie Pajamas


Baby shampoo/wash

Carry On




Drivers license

Debit cards

Kaiser Card

Change of shirt


Hard drive

Computer charger




Phone Charger


Tooth brush






Eye masks


Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

Upon Arrival / Already There

Car seat

Laundry detergent

Squeeze Bottles

Coconut/Rose oil


Baby shampoo

Spray Bottles

Witch hazel/rose oil


It turns out that I would have loved to have:

More toothpaste.  We ran out after about five days and had to settle for the fluoride stuff that my in-laws had. It wasn’t the end of the world, and I think CJ was secretly happy to be a Crest kid again for a few days.

The Snuggle Me.  I struggled with this decision so much before our trip.  To bring it or not to bring it? I ended up deciding against it thinking it would be too bulky and cumbersome, but I found myself longing for it more than once on our trip and even on the flight.  If I had to do it all over again I would carry it on the plane in it’s conveniently handled zip bag.  

I could have done without:

The nail file. I used the cuticle nippers a couple times to trim little Clark’s nails, but I never even touched the file.  

The teething tabs. I’m going through this phase right now where I can’t tell if my little one is teething or not, so I brought my Hyland’s tabs just in case, but every time he was fussy it was pretty clear what was going on and it wasn’t teething pains. 

Thankfully these items were small and didn’t take up too much room in our luggage, and it was a comfort to have them just in case.  

We bought/received: 

My in-laws had a car seat ready to go for us when they picked us up from the airport.  We strapped him in and were on our way to my husband’s home town in no time. They got a car seat that will grow with him so on our subsequent trips back I know I don’t have to worry about it.

We also received quite a few gifts for my baby, Clark.   I was kind of expecting this, so I left extra room in our luggage to accommodate for the extra items.  We got several sets of clothes in various sizes and a few bath toys. Some he wore while we were there, and everything fit easily into the suitcase for our return trip which was a huge relief! 

Everything was awesome. We had so much fun visiting with family and old friends.  My husband and I haven’t stopped talking about going back since we landed in San Diego.  Are you planning a trip soon? What would you bring for you and your baby? If you’re having any packing conundrums and want to Ask a Bestie our opinion, feel free!